Bisley at Braidwood

Bisley at Braidwood, Selkirk, Scottish Borders, Scotland

Bisley at Braidwood, Midlem is set in over 40 acres of beautiful Scottish Borders countryside. It is a hidden gem, home to the best sporting ground in Scotland.

A versatile clay shooting layout with targets suitable for the both the complete novice and the seasoned professional; we not only have Scotland's largest Sporting Clay ground, but also a skeet range and two permanent Sportrap layouts. Expert instruction is available with advance booking.

Not just for the shotgun shot, Bisley at Braidwood is also home to the first 100m indoor digital full bore rifle range in Scotland. Add to this a 30-yard air rifle range and virtual reality shooting simulator; you can experience a wide variety of shooting disciplines.

The Rifle Range features electronic target software, with shelter from the elements all year round. For those who load their own ammunition there is no better place to test which loads work best for you.

The Air Rifle Range comprises a number of knock-down metal targets with the opportunity to use paper targets over 30 yards. The sheltered firing point has positions to shoot from seated, prone, or standing, allowing you to practise for various disciplines.

The Virtual Reality Shooting Simulator utilises a cinematic projector to immerse you into 100's of different scenarios, from target shotgun to boar, duck, bear, clays, walked up grouse, partridge and even a western cowboy shootout! The replica rifles and shotguns use lasers to enable you to shoot at virtual targets - no experience is necessary. The simulator is also a great way for the younger generation to learn about safety whilst having a blast.

Whether here as a shooter or just fancying a catch-up with friends and family, all are welcome into our on-site café. Oscar's offers a range of hot food from all day breakfast and breakfast rolls to lunch options including specials, soup of the day, and a range of different sandwiches, traybakes and drinks.

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